Calcium Silicon Cored Wire

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire
Product Details

It is made from the powder of the strip - shaped steel.

According to the difference of alloy powder, it can be divided into: silicon calcium bag core wire, silicon manganese calcium wire, silica calcium barium line, barium aluminum wire, aluminium calcium wire, calcium iron wire, pure calcium wire and so on.

Winding the appearance of a similar coil.

Different from the textile industry use the core wire.

Alloy conductor used in steelmaking, can purify liquid steel and change the inclusion shape, increase steel castability and mechanical properties, and can significantly increase the yield of alloy, reduce the cost of steelmaking, its economic effect is remarkable.

With the development of steel industry, the high quality alloy steel, varieties of steel increase by a wide margin, and cc ratio increases, the continuous improvement of the technology of refining outside the furnace, the feed line technology than alloy powder and added directly block has a bigger superiority.

The following advantages of feeding line technology are:

1. The feed line method can be adjusted by fine adjustment of the composition of the steel liquid, and the yield of alloy is greatly improved.

2. The feed line method handles the steel fluid, the steel liquid reflects the stable, avoids the secondary oxidation, the floating rate of the inclusion is fast, the purification is even.

3. The feeding line method can avoid the gas into the liquid.

4. The feeding line method is suitable for sex, with less disposable investment, small occupation area and wide application scope.

5. The feeding line method is simple, easy to operate and no environmental pollution.

Product features and advantages:

It is beneficial to adjust and control the content of oxidative elements and trace elements, which can greatly improve the yield of alloy.

Reduce the cost of smelting, shorten the time of smelting and control the composition.

Improve the quality of the steel and improve the casting condition;

High quality cold rolled steel belt with iron alloy powder, the product is firm and durable, the powder core density is uniform and full.

Strictly according to YB/t053-2000 alloy bag core wire technology standard strictly production.

The multi-specification and multi-breed production capacity can meet the user's various technical requirements.

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